Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Show in Pictures!

Right: Senator Florence Ita Giwa
First row: Mrs Opral Benson; Mrs Tinubu in Ade Bakare Couture Poses with Ade.
Second Row: Ovation Publisher, Dele Momodu. Mrs Helen Ajayi in Ade Bakare couture alongside Mrs Fashola
Third row: mrs oby nntuanya; Chisom, design competition participant
Fourth Row: Miss Ovia (With Mrs Ovia in background in Ade Bakare Couture); Binta Sukai
Fifth Row: Winner Grace Effiong with Ade Bakare and Ms Kuti; Remi Lagos with Grace Egbagbe.

Lagos in the summer!

Lagos was gracious once again, as it played host to our summer show. Of course, this was a show with a difference as we unveiled our young desingers creative competition, which serves to foster creativity in the design sector in Nigeria. I never cease to point out how i started with a competion myself, Nigeria unfortunately hasn't a facilty like the Prince's trust; not until recently.
It was refereshing to see all those ideas displayed as the up and coming showed in Lagos. Perhaps even more important, was the emphasis of mentorship in our society; or even a lack of! One can only hope, our little contribution will affect a few lives.
On a lighter note, it is quite clear to see that the elegance of the Nigerian woman has no match. Off all ages, their style is peculiar to their own. This was evident as the Ita-Giwa's, Helen Ajayi's, Mrs Ovia's and Mrs Tinubu's swept in! Each holding their own. I am delighted the show was well recieved and look forward to doing another very soon.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Through the eyes of aesthetic!

And so finally i have decided to join the trend with a blog of my own. Perhaps, the more likely use of words should be convinced. As i try to work this out, it is fascinating to learn how closely related fashion is to technology. Is it right to assume they are one and the same thing? Afterall, it is so called uncool to be seen without our little gadgets of desire....the ultra slim ipod, the sexy imac, the classic Burkin, the ade Bakare creation? All allude to one and the same thing, the need to accessorize....to provide aesthetic value.
It is true that aesthetics are a natural attempt to compensate for something thought to be missing, but so what about it? Aesthetics contribute greatly to how the story is told. The outfit is not compelete without the right accessories as a laptop works better with a set of killer sub woofers (so i have been told).
I am no technophobe but technological innovations like the internet, compueters and mobile phones are my limit. At this, i mean i only attempt to use them at the basic levels. Now fashion is my forte and this, it seems is where both meet for me. My website, my blog, myspace and all these new discoveries (for me) present untold aesthetic possibilities as i discover them. Who says aesthetics don't count for much? Certainly not me!

Picture was taken at my show in South Africa last year.